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Thread: Apache MG24 transplant...

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    Wink Apache MG24 transplant...

    Hello everyone this is my first post, I've been reading this forum for a while and am thoroughly impressed with the wealth of knowledge you guys have! I know the apache is old news, but I love this boat (my first rc EVER) and do not want to retire her. I have read all the posts of Diego(freakin genius in my book) and also z28 and both have inspired me on upgrading the apache. I currently bought the MG24 and already made her brushless, she's awesome and I was wondering if anyone knew if I can use the same flexshaft system on my apache, I am on a budget so buying another boat is out of the question for the time being, I'm using the vxl brushless system and the stock drive vibrates like an animal! Thanks again and ANY words other than don't spend money on that hull, would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have a Apache 24 brushless and a Shockwave26 w/a Traxxas VXL esc and motor 3 cell lipo. They fly!!!
    The flex shaft from the Black Jack 26 w/u joint should work. I'm rebuilding mine now. I'll try to post pictures later.



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