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Thread: Servo Horn for the Mini mono..

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    Default Servo Horn for the Mini mono..

    My servo horn snapped in two last week, and it took with it to the bottom of the lake the rudder aswell. I know of a replacement for the rudder but im having no luck finding a suitable replacement for the servo horn. I would prefer a metal one so there is no chance of it breaking.

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    I know this is an old thread, but MM's are still being made and sold, got one myself a couple weeks ago.

    While surfing YouTube to get an idea of how fast the boat is out of the box, came across this vid about the rudder horn, also referred to as the tiller horn (not servo horn) issue you described (it's not me)... - notice he says he's had at least 15 break

    Glad I found that vid before I had that prob!

    Hope it helps...
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