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    So i got this for my son for christmas and when he opened it i told him i would mod it for him cause off the issues i have read about on here. First think i did was remove the radio and esc i replaced the esc with a seaking 35a and installed his radio system. Second thing was the drive cable i cannot believe what i found when i pulled that little hair drive out man that thing was tiny i replaced it with the ose 1/8th flex cable and replaced the stuffing tube as well. The stock tube was bent in a S shape so i cannot imagine that it would have worked well the only thing i had trouble with was the esc i had to make a removable tray to mount it on as you can see in the pics so i could remove the flex shaft for greasing but if anyone has used this esc and has a better way to mount it please comment i just could not get it in anywhere that would work.Also used a octura prop on it also i think it was the X632.mini1.jpgmini2.jpgmini3.jpg
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    This is how I solved the space problem with the seaking 35amp.
    ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1359416978.127064.jpg

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