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Thread: What hull to go for?

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    Default What hull to go for?

    I'm going to do my first scratch build and it is going to be a cat run on 4s. I've got a leopard 4074 2200kv motor on the way and will be adding a t180 esc. My first choice of hull would be the venom ekos as it looks so nice but I'm worried about the quality of it as a p1 ekos I had was awful. I'm also thinking about a bare apparition hull (I know it's the same as the ekos) but the quality may be better. I've had the genesis in the past and was maybe thinking about a white bare hull and my own decals. Just unsure. Any other ideas out there?

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    I have one and it is about the same as all venom hulls,
    Look very cool but made like SH*T for the money.
    In less you buy it at 75% off the list price like I did and modded already.
    How about something new,
    Like this big cat ?
    Macdon custom make them now and can be modded some with add on.



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