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Thread: Cap banks - the pre-emptive answer

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    Yes, current limiting IS power reduction. But this would be an effective tool to get the setup right, so you can take the current limiter off and have confidence what power levels you will be running. I want to use it in tandem with the data logger and fix the set up so it runs on the power budget.

    My end goal is to master the use of high voltage packs and make power with higher V, instead of higher A. This reduces the stress of the entire electrical system and helps to prolong battery life, since the current draws will be lower. But these BLDC motors are most unforgiving in trying to reach that goal. I want a tool that will minimize my electrical failures. I see it as a perfect tuning tool to reach no current limited AND no broken parts! I ain't made of money Doc! Thanks for the advise, hang in there with me...
    A thing with power availability. . The nore there is, the more people will push those limits.
    With esc now capable 12s+ 300A+ , we need support the higher end demands of this market also..ETTI 5x35v1000uf banks suits most every 6s or lower setup.
    Access to higher voltages leads to higher amps and the associated expectations of more of what this sport is about -> Fun .
    What i detailed initially catered more the upper end of our hobby, and although taken up by lower cell count runners, that wasnt the aim. .
    Latest battery construction generically support more kwh than our 90%+ users demand...
    I see 90%+ of this hobby as plug and play experts .... Lol
    Indubitably there are refined capacitor arrays producable for independant applications ..
    This thread started as an introduction to a generic idea supporting the high end users who had clouded thoughts over unexplained repeatable failures :grin:
    From there this has grown into a long diatribe... which is good for the hobby !

    Stay in touch ... :)
    Wayne Schutte PhdCSE BaSE BaEE. Australian, & damn proud of it YOUTUBE
    @ 36" H&M Maritmo twin1512/1800 6S1P 88mph @ 40" drag hydro#1 twin 5692 12S1P .....always for fun @

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    Those that want to stay abreast of battery tech and amperage capabilities will have to come to terms with the problems associated with switching so many amps. 1-1/2" of #10 wire is enough inductance (about 0.8uH) to really start causing problems. 12s at 300A, crazy KW levels in such small form factors! But the larger classes (1/8 and 1/6 scale) could certainly use the power.

    My goal with the DF33 Hydro is to achieve WOT turns, in race water and run about 60-65MPH on the straights. Above that, and it gets out of my reaction capabilities, though I'm sure some young bucks got the reactions times... I just turned 60, so I'm not what I was in the old nitro days. But I love this stuff Doc, God knows I love it! Keeps me young

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