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Thread: *!**can somebody please help me with my mini wildcat ?

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    Default Can somebody please help me with my mini wildcat ?

    I posted this in another thread but thought I mright get a faster response here after the fact.

    I'm new to rc boating (but not rc) and purchased a mini wildcat for my first boat. I have ran it more than a few times and during my inspection/maintenance after running the boat I was not able to reinstall the wire drive prop (the end of the wire drive shaft has worn outand fraild.). The problem I'm having is with the drive dog that attaches the prop to the drive, I'm unable to remove it. How do you take off the drive dog off of the wire drive prop shaft ? I need to replace the drive wire but unable to remove the drive dog that locks the prop to the drive wire and is secured with the prop nut.Any help would be greatly appreciated by me. Thanks in advance.

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