Finally got a chance to take the two Impulses out on the test pond. Vide is below. Sorry for lack of HD on this one, GoPro was in wrong mode.

Green hull - Stage I
60amp Esc
1300kv Inrunner

Pink Hull - Stage II (Starts at 52sec mark in vid)
120a Esc
1500kv 6-pole Inrunner

Some insight:
On 4s the hull handled great, on 5s its on the edge. It takes some throttle management to keep her from going crazy. Had no issues running on 4s. On 5s started to have friction issues between the flex shaft and stuffing tube. Changed up from straight marine greese to a mixture of marine greese and wd40 and that seemed to fix things in that department. Either set up is a blast over the stock brushed set up. Before running this impulse set up like this I would advise reinforcing the hull. Ran the pink one before laying down carbon fiber and had a nice crack down the side as well as the top separating from the bottom of the hull. Plastic just couldn't handle the new speeds. After repairing and reinforcing with the carbon fiber the thing is a missile!