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Thread: My AquaCraft Rio EP Brushless Project

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    Very nice! The square tubing is a great idea , wish AQ thought of that, the round tubes don't do anything. Now only if one can solder these square tubes on the plate, but I don't know if it's even possible.
    Always liked your mod on the Rio, I had gone a different route and my much lower 1500kv PB motor did not give me torque roll , but I am sure yours is faster. There are trade-offs. I used a 42mm plastic prop, was too cheap to go with a "real" prop. lol...
    I crashed my Rio once, straight onto the shore, Lenny has been reminding me to look out for the trees now!
    I am sure with all the info you provided, someone who is thinking along these lines would benefit from your first hand knowledge/opinion.

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    Great info I think I will try one of those motors in my Re Volt. Yes life has a way of screwing with our Hobby time.



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