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Thread: Lazy man's driveline rebuild (converting metric to standard)

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    Default Lazy man's driveline rebuild (converting metric to standard)

    I bought a second hand toysport triton a while back, and the metric flexdrive broke. I could not readily find a metric flexdrive replacement so I wanted to convert the driveline to standard. I did not want to tear out the original stuffing tube as it was installed nicely, and I did not want to rebuild the transom area. The orig stuffing tube was rather large, and I discovered I could install a new stuffing tube suitable for a standard 3/16 drive by tapping it into the existing tube. The trick was how to seal it at the transom...

    I cut the orig stuffing tube as close as I could to the transom, and used a dremel grinding wheel to grind it flush. Next I slid a new smaller diamater brass tube into the original, then replaced the existing strut with a stinger style strut-- with the stinger, the mounting bracket fits over the stuffing tube hole so I was able to seal the gap using the singer mount (using silicon).

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