ok this should be the final thread as i have a new job and a plan of attack which consists of an sv27 stinger,upgraded flex shaft,upgraded coupler,teflon liner,servo, and turn fins and F/E 3inch rudder all from kintec which also includes a motley crew waterjacket and new waterlines and grim racer prop.

It will be run on 4s with a 2300 kv motor and turnigy 120 amp esc and with a bit of glass on the bottom for good measure.

Though it pains me to say most of the work will be done by my LHS as i dont have the proper tools and knowledge so it should be good when it gets sv27erized kinda an sv25 lol im going to order most of the electronics and driveline next week ill post pics after some progress.

Hopefully it will hold me over till the end of the season and finally tear up the water until i start racing with a mystic next year.