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    Default Mini Cat Micro Hydro

    I am really thinking about getting one of these mini cat micro hydros (and a velocity mono) but i have a few questions.

    1. What kind of run times to you get on a 3s 2200 mAh lipo.

    2. Do hydro boats really only turn well in one direction.

    3. Would adding turn fins (2) to this boat, similar to the ul-1, help turning.

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    I have had one for a season or so now and really like it. It's not well suited to rough or windy conditions but a great size to run in a smaller pond. I have a few storm water ponds nearby that are calm enough and very close.

    1) I haven't really timed it but I would say that its a good 5 or 6 minutes anyhow
    2) Mine turns better to the left than the right at full speed (just like a full size hydro). Turning to the right it seems to hop through the turn at full clip but if you back off a bit it handles nicely. Just make sure you place the battery in the right place on the left side of the hull and get a balance point in line with the motor brace.
    3) I added one and it seems to help and looks cool too.
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    You use only one turn fin (optional) on the hydro, on the back of the right sponson. It definitely makes the turns much sharper. We have gotten as much as 10 minute run times with 2100 mAh 3S battery if you're not holding WOT all the time! They normally turn better to the right than the left.

    The Velocity Mono has two spin fins already installed on the transom.
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