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    Hey guys,
    I sold my df26 and I'm just looking for something to mess around with. I have a mini v hull all torn down and I was thinking about doing a twin outdrive set up, with 2 of the stock outdrives. I would convert them to flex shafts with two brushed motors. But I was curious if I would have to run counter-rotating props or not. So can I run 2 regular flex shafts and props, or do I need counter props??

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    Responses here is a bit slow...I've not had even one response to any question I've asked so far....
    Let me tell you what i've experienched on counter rotating vs non-counter rotating setups. I'm no expert but this is my practical experience.
    Counter rotating props will give you better handling and a boat that does not do torgue roll. I've tried both combinations on larger boat with a twin brushless system and the difference is quite a lot. I'd say go for counter rotating props if you have the choice.



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