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Thread: Prop size for Genesis ?

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    Default Prop size for Genesis ?


    I just bought a Genesis with stock motor 2075 KV and a Turnigy 120 ESC.
    This is my first RC boat ever.

    I plan to run it with 2 x 4S 20C 5000 mah in parallel.

    My thought was to start with long runtimes to learn the handling of it, before I start to experiment with new motors and ESC ec.

    The boat has a 38 mm x 1,4 pitch prop in nylon. I will like to change this to a metal prop.

    My question
    What prop size - 2 and 3 blade - will be safe to use with this setup if the prop is made of metal ?
    - by safe i mean 15-20 sek full speed.

    Best regards Henrik

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    the problem is the stock setup is really cheap i didnt even plug mine in i just ripped it out and fitted a leopard motor 4074 2000kv t180 prop is a b/s x642 and it runs in the mid fifties and all elec,s are cool

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    Default Thank you

    Thank you.

    I'm starting to learn about these boat setups. I orderd a 180 A ESC because it seems as a need for future setups + a reinforced drive train ( Angry Cat's ) and a axial bearing ( ceramic ) between the motor and the coupler yesterday.
    My ambition is to start with the stock motor on a X438 (Sharp-bal from OSE)

    But It's -14 degrees here in Sweden where i live, so sailing with the boat is 2-3 months ahead....It may take som serious willpower not to order a better motor while I wait

    I looked at the Leopard yesterday and thinks its the nr 1 choice. It's not cheap ,but i looks like a tank.

    Did you have to change any big parts for the watercooling ?
    - when i looked in the OSE catalog its seems like there is littel space for the cooling with the stock motor mount I have.

    Best regards Henrik

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    Hey bud,the i wouldnt go any bigger than an X442 on the standard set up.
    I changed the motor for a leopard 4074,2000kv.
    Im still running the 120 amp ESC,also before running the bigger leopard motor i would advise about changing the drive to 3/16 a the standard set on mine ripped the stuffing tube etc,so not good.
    I ordered the HOR 3/16 strut and cut 3mm of each side of the upright and slid straight in.
    I tried it again the weekend with 45mm and 47mm prop and still came in cool so a bigger could still go yet,but now need change the ESC for 200amp before i start playing to much now with bigger props.
    But you wont regret changing to a leopard at all they are awesome motors
    Rgds F1

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    tjena numse.
    on the original motor i had best result with a X637. the X440/3 is also a good prop for that boat.

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    Default Thank you for the help

    Thank you

    There is a lot of good advice from all of you :-)
    I think I have a good direction now regarding the props for my Genesis.

    But now, I feel I have to build my first own boat from scratch
    - I build a plane 20 years ago, but it didn't float...

    A freind of mine has a 82 cm catamaran hull he dosent have the time for, so I bought it for a case of beer. Good beer.

    I will try to update you have its going.

    Best regards Henrik

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    I have tried both the x640 and x642 on my genesis with the stock motor and 180 amp esc, hit 53 mph range on 4s in series and then went to the leapord 1500 k and hit 60 marks, did run 6s in series on 60 mph passes, havent been able to run here for a while....too much wind



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