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Thread: how to carbon fiber my hull?

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    Default how to carbon fiber my hull?

    hey guys i have been trying to figure out how to carbon fiber the inside of my boat hull how do u do this and where is the cheapest place to get the materials at and the process thanks guys any info is great!

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    I would like to learn also..

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    I don't know where to get the cloth but it must be as simple as applying fiberglass cloth to a boat.

    Lay your cloth inside the boat and precut it to the desired shape and length. Mix 2 part epoxy and ether lightly brush or roll on a thin layer of premixed 2 part epoxy inside the boat. Lay your precut CF cloth inside the boat. Use a squeegee or a roller to mate the CF cloth to the epoxy. Add epoxy over the top of cloth only if necessary to completely saturate the cloth with epoxy. It's important to keep in mind that you don't want to over saturate the cloth with epoxy or you will be adding too much weight to the boat. It's clear to see when the cloth is "wet" with epoxy after you lay it and squeegee it. When you see this you're on the right track and there is no need to add more epoxy. Now its time to grab a beer and watch it dry

    I have never layed CF but I have layed cloth and that's how I did it and it came out clean and effective.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong or if I missed a step.

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    yea ive done the fiberglass cloth also with the slow cure 2 part epoxy i figured it would be a diffrent process but i dont know where to buy the stuff hopeing someone comes along with a link to a website with it or where to pick it up at for a reasonable price lol thank you for your info

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
    yea ive done the fiberglass cloth also with the slow cure 2 part epoxy i figured it would be a diffrent process but i dont know where to buy the stuff hopeing someone comes along with a link to a website with it or where to pick it up at for a reasonable price lol thank you for your info
    CF cloth can be found here..

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    This thread has a lot of good information

    do not use too heavy carbon cloth (max 5.3oz) because it would be difficult to stick to the corners
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    lol how funny i didn't know their were so damn many carbon fiber weaves and all that

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    was looking at this website at the carbon fiber types and its the one that says the usual one used for carbon fiber cosmetic looks it says 29.00 and some change for a yard would a yard of this stuff be enough??
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    Why wouldn't you just buy from kintec?

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    member left me a link to that site for suggestion doesn't look like kinetic has solid black cf only colored

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    take that back found it under building supplies !

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    it isnt as easy as that. it is the same process as fiberglass but there is some prep work that goes into it. the key is getting a good bond between teh cf and fiberglass. if you dont do good prep and use good materials you will be worse off than when you started.
    1) sand the inside of the hull good with 150 grit and clean well with soap and water
    2) cut the cf to size
    3) coat the inside of the hull with resin, while wet lay the cf in place and saturate the cloth from the top as well. use a squgee to work the resin into the cloth.
    4) remove any extra resin with a paper towel, it is just extra weight.
    5) if you want a glossy finish you will need to let dry, sand and recoat with resin. i prefer to save the weight and leave a dry finish.

    the key to sucess if to get a good bond to the hull and saturate the cloth. reguardless of what the others said DO NOT use 2 part epoxy glue, you need to use epoxy resin or polester resin. the 2 part stuff is to thick and will not give you a proper bond. i use 4:1 epoxy and poly surfboard finishing resins. just remember if your new surface isnt bonded good than your motor mount and everything else will be weak.... west systems makes good resin that is easy to find. i like to use a 4.8 or 5.4oz cloth. here are a few examples

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    Yeah, I forgot to mention about cleaning the inside of the hull but figured that it would be common sense.

    I have used the Bondo brand fiberglass 2 part resin and cloth in 2 boats and both came out very clean. This is a Nitro BJ26 conversion. The red stuff in the picture seeped in to the original glass on the boat. I have no idea what it is but after sanding it, the resin bonded very well. There are 4 strips of glass under the motor mount and 1 layer holding the wood it attaches to.
    There are a few ways of doing it I guess. It's up to you to figure out what works for you.

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    ok im gonna order the carbon fiber tuesday when i get paid and i will post the picks here you guys have givin me great info here and i had one other question for chucky cheese how do you de anodize your hardware id love to know because id like to use a stinger i have but its blue haha

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    taylor, i returned your pm

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    thank you chuck that info was very helpful now as far as teh cog goes lets say i mount the motor further back to the transom like 4-5 inches and put the batteries behind the motor can they not exceed the 10.5 inches to have a good cog thats what confuses me about the subject i just cant grasp where things should go and what type of adjustment this does to the boat

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    well lets say the cog is 10.5 (30% on a 35" hull). that is where the boat should ballance ready to run. so if the motor is behind the cog you will need to counter that weight in front of the cog. usually on a rear motor set-up the batteries will go in front of the motor and esc/rec/servo in the rear. here is a picture of what i mean (#1). on the other hand, depending on the batteries and how heavy they are they might need to go on the sides to get the ballance (cog) right (#2). in the first picture i could mount the battery in front of the motor because i am only using 1 5000mah pack. in the second one i wanted a total of 8000mah so i had to put them to the side to get it at 28%. in the second picture i could have moved the motor back further but it still would require the batteries on the side and there would have been no room for the servo

    hope this helped. search the forums for "motor placement" or "ballance" and you should find some good info. i am afraid if you search "cog" it wont help much because every thread talks about "cog"
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    ok so after placing complete hardware and electronics in the boat fully loaded at the cog point it should balance?

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    yes. it is Center Of Gravity that is where it should ballance front to rear.

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    You can buy polyester and fiber for cheeap at a store like Biltema (a car/boat/building parts supermarket)



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