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    Well seeing as I'm relatively new to the forum and to boating and how there isnt much traffic on the widowmaker I figured I'd make a review. So I got my new widowmaker the other day from Jesse J. Great purchase overall, for 185 bucks shipped for a "barely used" brushless boat I was happy just receiving the item. I've been pretty big on proboat, I absolutely LOVE my mini v... On my little pond this thing handles great and flies, quite a nice little boat for a small pond. Now after I received the boat I opened the box and yep just like the description I received what appears to be a mint condition widowmaker. Now if you dont like the army decals... understandable but the decals themselves are very simple, not overbearing and fit the boat quite well. I personally find this to be an extremely well looking boat.

    I opened up the boat and the only complaint I have so far is the run, its a pain in the butt to stick any sort of battery pack in there... the 5300 mah dyn. lipo fits in there slanted which I didnt like.. but oh well. The hatch and tupperware fits down nicely and secure, I only had to put a small piece of tape on the back to "extra" securely tape the hatch down.

    Now as I explain the performance let me give you a quick breakdown... I live on a small lake in Milbury, Massachusetts. The lake is 1 mile long and half a mile wide at the widest point. So normally it has a light-mild chop which will increase and decrease due to wind. However normally the sides of the lake are very flat... I have the pleasure of living on a point so naturally I have the roughest lake to drive on.

    So I popped in my lipo and set up my boat. Now the main complaint I've heard about the boat is that it handles like a brick and doesnt turn well. Now at low speed (the lowest I can run it at) I have virtually little steering. As I increased the speed the turning got significantly better. Maybe its just my inexperience with a decent brushless boat but I was rather shocked by the complete lack of turning at the extreme low speed. Anyways, as I speed up to full this boat really got to perform. The boat itself handles the waves excellently, I could turn over the waves with ease and even to a degree of sharpness. While the turning wasnt the sharpest one might expect it was what I thought would be for this boat. The design is a very deep v and runs great on my lake. The boat looks great in the water.. I got it to run up around 33 mph and it really screamed over the waves. It took approximately 2 seconds for it to get up on plane but once it did I was extremely impressed. I'd suggest this boat to anyone with any sort of lake with small waves like mine. The boat when gone airborne simply landed right back down without any turn to one side. I had no trouble driving the boat until a speedboat drove by and my boat was caught in a turn and ended up prop up. This boat handled great in the water, had the right amount of rip and speed for my taste and looks absolutely great. It ran fast, had great balance, turned well at high speeds, and kicks up a nice little rooster tail.

    I would highly suggest this boat to any novice user, for the price I got it for RTR I couldnt beat it. At 269$ I might second guess myself and look for a big fast boat but I was really impressed with this performance. I will be sure to keep this boat in my collection which will soon add the Miss Geico when she comes out.

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    Great what prop you running?
    :p What go faster that's what I like to do!
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    GrimRacer 3655... Once it gets up on plane the thing moves. Overall I'm very happy with the boat



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