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    This is a MRP Miss Budweiser Fast Electric Hydroplane rtr in great shape and appears all original. I purchased it a month ago on ebay. I was going to modify it with a brushless system but decided not to since I don't have the heart to modify it since its such great shape. It has twin motors turning a single shaft. It has the original box, manuals, stand and a Futaba attack 4ch am stick radio. There are no scratches on the hull. There are a few wrinkles in the stickers. The MRP label on the box states its official budweiser product 1988. The rudder and turn fin were removed for shipping purposes. This boat needs to belong to someone who can appreciate it for what it is. I paid 185.00$ plus 35.00$ shipping. I would like to get 175.00$ with shipping for it. I only removed it from the box. I never put it in the water. Thanks
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    what is the total length of the boat, and what size motors are in it right now ?

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    what a coincidence, I just trashed this boat (almost).

    It comes stock with twin brushed setup and a manual ESC (needs a servo to operate) It has two speed, slow and full.
    The tail fin is VERY brittle and will brake on the 1st or 2nd flip over (mine did on 1st) and the hull is ABS and cracks.
    Also the stock motors are trash, (check reviews on the net, don't take my word for it) mine locked up on the 2nd run and the stock esc failed on 2nd. (on the 2nd run the motors killed brushed replacement ESC)

    Boat looks best on the stand in she showroom.

    How do i know? A friend had it sitting for 14 years brand new and we decided to let ti rip :)
    I did upgrade motors to a single brushless but the hull could not take it and cracked in spots.
    it is now sitting back on the shelf with wing that sunk.

    It is a good piece of history to keep as a collector item, don't let it get wet :) (IMHO)

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    That hull can be reinforced with bulkheads is light and will run very well set up by the right person. 175 dollars tho I dont know. If it were mine it wouldnt be on the shelf bet that.

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    The boat hull measures 24 1/2" x 12 1/2". I believe the motors are the original 05 size brushed.
    The motors are labeled MRP Wizard MS-2.

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    You take the twins out and put one brushless in.

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    u may even want to leave the gearbox in and run one brushless to that. How many mm is the stock prop.

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    Im not sure of the prop size. I will check it for #
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    i have that same boat and am putting sv27 internals in it. it should run pretty well. Ill have to post some pics after i get through stuffing all the workings inside. i dod sand down for a new paint job and would like to put the decals back on, know of anyone who could duplicate them?

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    bigger pictures would help
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    Sorry for the pic sizes. I loaded through photo bucket and was having hard time resizing pics. If anyone would like larger pics let me know I can email them easier.

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    Finally was able to load pics

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    No #s on prop. I would asume its stock prop. Make an offer. I really dont want to ebay this if I dont have to.

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    The original prop was a plastic x432, the motors are geared 1:1. The speed control was a servo-operated mechanical switch which changed from parallel to series wiring on the two battery packs. These were hugely popular when introduced and they went through several generations before the original maker went out of business. In the late 1980s MRP proudly touted the Miss Bud as "the fastest RTR in the world" - at 25 mph.

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