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Thread: FS: NQD 'Tear Into' Jet boat

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    Default FS: NQD 'Tear Into' Jet boat

    SOLD!! Thanks, Chris

    I've got too many boats and want to get onto other projects so I'm reluctantly selling this NQD 'Tear Into' toy conversion. It has a full-size steering servo, this 3200kv outrunner, some bobblehead figures (I'll include the original helmeted heads as well). This is well used, got a chip on the nose but is solid and sound. Has green fuel line seal around hatch, motor CA'd in place (won't leak), flotation foam in the nose, extra transom hole (covered with hatch tape) to facilitate easy motor replacement, water cooling nipple on the stator housing. These are really fun - you can run them just about anywhere there is water. No radio or esc included (I'd suggest a Seaking 35A esc). Has intake mod (opened up) and 4mm mesh grate installed to keep out the baddies. $80 shipped anywhere in the states. Here's a video of it with this motor and a 2500ma 3s Lipo. I had listed this recently on RCU, but in a wrong location (thread) for more $. Maybe this will work out better. Sdg
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    Hmmm....maybe that's too much. I'll drop the price to $70 shipped. If you have a radio and esc laying around, this is a drop-in and rock and roll affair. The outrunner is like new and plenty powerful for this boat.



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