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Thread: what kv motor for a mini v ?

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    Default what kv motor for a mini v ?

    i am using a 2600 kv brushless

    if i changed to a 3600 kv brushless (same motor size), would it make the boat go faster ?

    if i used a 200kv what would it do ?

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    Default kv motor for mini v

    Unless you want uncontrollable speed I would stay with 2600kv motor. I had tried a 3500kv and it was always flipping and hard to control. A 200kv motor would very slow unless you ran a bigger prop then I don't know what it would do. It also will depend on your setup like are you still running the stock outdrive or have you done other conversions like added a rudder & wire drive. Here is a vid of a conversion done by a guy on a mini-c. He used a 2000kv E-flite inrunner motor and it is more than enough. Hope this helps.



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