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Thread: Mini-V hull shape

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    Default Mini-V hull shape

    OK, I really like the looks of this little boat. Right size but when you start to push it on speed, it really falls short I think.

    I was looking at this and the prop is almost running fully submerged when you look at the water flow off the transom due to the way the hull flatens out at the rear.

    So I am thinking about a winter project. I think I may make a new hull bottom for the mini-v. Basically, not a deep vee, but more of a mid vee but all the way back. This way the driveshaft will exit the hull from the transom right at the bottom of the vee, a surface drive. I use these for running in lakes and the full vee will help with the handling. Also give more room inside.

    Any ideas or feedback?
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