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      Leopard 4082 1600 ?

      thats very true MarkF, your better off staying low in the timing range and work on getting the boat running ewell in good trim and correct props.

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      Leopard 4082 1600 ?

      D wind should use 0 timing
      Y wind can use 0 to 15 deg but your setup dictates what you should run. I use 0 on my monos and 7 to 10 on hydros. The

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      Yet another Atlas test...

      A bigger boat like this should be spinning a bigger prop. A 445 isn't a good prop for this size boat. I hope you're also using 2 packs in parallel for

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      Swordfish data logging? Genesis help?

      I have an old SF 300 that has worked great but does limit the throttle to not full. Now comes the new 220 and 300X esc. These have worked great and I'm

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      for sale swordfish and leopard motor

      Ok thank

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