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    Welcome to the main page of the Upgraded OffshoreElectrics Forum. There have been many changes and moving of buttons on the board, but I think once you get familiar with the changes, your experience is going to be much improved. If you have any questions please post them here for a quick response.

    Some of the added features.
    -The use of tables in now active in forum threads.
    -Quick load of multiple pictures.
    -Video links for videos to post within the thread.
    -Main page with updates to whats currently being said on the threads.
    -Article posting and creating. Its now possible to create an article with the click of a button.
    -Plus, there are many more small fixes that work in the background to keep the forum running smoothly.

    Link to products site www.offshoreElectrics.com or www.ose.us
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    1. G.Rose's Avatar
      G.Rose -
      Steve, just trying to buy some stuff!! I need help to navigate to your product page.
    1. ron1950's Avatar
      ron1950 -
      bottom of page has his store link also if u click on his banner on top of page....
    1. FighterCat57's Avatar
      FighterCat57 -
      OffshoreElectrics Forum Upgrade by Steven Vaccaro Published on 06-22-2011 06:37 PM Number of Views: 666
    1. mickvk's Avatar
      mickvk -
      Good job on the forum upgrade Steven!
    1. sonny1717's Avatar
      sonny1717 -
      for anyone who cares, there will be a few of us running tomorrow , at Prado Park, near euclid and the 71 freeway, in chino, california tomorrow. i know its late , but just remembered now.
    1. salty7067's Avatar
      salty7067 -
      How about this bike with my boats and tools on the trailer. Yeah, the front wheel on my bike is electric. I cruise at 17MPH in 21st gear. Lipo battery for up to 20 miles. Two 31" Impulses. One stock. One with 4074. Salty7067
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    Proboat volere 22

    Hey thank your the move, apologize for posting in wrong place. ��

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    Proboat volere 22

    Moved to the WTB forum

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    Proboat volere 22

    I am looking for a proboat volere 22 v2, I will be at 07008 (zip) in a few days so Id there is something available let me know else I have to buy a new

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    Old School

    Long term project 51" mono proposal

    Thankyou, I was concerned that just a 1/4" stubshaft would severely limit prop selection.

    Old School Today, 01:59 AM Go to last post

    Long term project 51" mono proposal

    yes i would go for the 1/4 inch shafts with the stub turned down to 3/16 as you can always sleve the stub if you need a 1/4 inch prop. in the octura

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