View Full Version : Seeking FE for the Carribean Masters in Melbourne

05-30-2009, 03:41 AM
This is the deal.... for ever ( 18 months )we have struggled in Melb for fast electrics, Greg has asked me to "try" and get at least one class at the masters,

there is one of the Biggest FE guys in melbourne that i know of and i think he can support most of the popular EA classes :buttrock:

I can through my hat in at the EB hydro end. I think we also have a couple of other EB cats or Hydro guys out there,

any race would be great, maybe a exhibition handicap if we cant get a field of one class together, not sure if this is possible at the moment?

any info or feedback would be much appreciated. :popcorn2:

Cheers Blokes and Ladies.