View Full Version : Private area for NAMBA members only

11-23-2018, 10:46 PM
Should we open a thread here for only NAMBA members to discuss rules?

11-24-2018, 08:20 AM
...just to be clear.
This proposed thread will only be seen by authorized OSE members.

11-24-2018, 12:30 PM
I know yer not looking for input Danny. Not sure who was asking about this either.

At a glance I get it. "Why are you messing with OUR rules when yer not even a member?"

The problem for Fast Electrics is that we represent an extremely small percentage of either organization. We barely exist. In my head.........we can't ignore each others rule sets. They need to be similar.

Pretending the other doesn't exist is bad for our itty bitty racing faction. We've screwed ourselves this way multiple times already.

11-24-2018, 02:54 PM
I can see where the "Members Only" concept might have some merits but I'm aggin' it :ThumbsDown01:

11-24-2018, 07:15 PM
Many of us are members for both organizations, as well. Just food for thought.

11-24-2018, 11:34 PM
Now if we could get guys that don't race nor have any plans to race to keep their pennies to themselves......

11-24-2018, 11:52 PM
The idea was entirely mine. I brought it up in the "private" moderator thread. It was posed to start a poll, and it was an excellent idea.
I was simply trying to eliminate the heat in the discussions, due to the peanut gallery.
I also thought that if the peanut gallery wanted to see and participate in the discussion, then they'd join the association.

11-25-2018, 09:25 AM
"Now if we could get guys that don't race nor have any plans to race to keep their pennies to themselves...... "

OK if you go with this train of thought maybe it should be applied to other aspects of life like.......
I'm never going to smoke pot so I shouldn't have any say as to weather it's made legal or not ?
I've heard this statement before from a NAMBA "racer/member" about if you don't race the class you should not have a say in the rules. Your either a member of an organization or your not, everyone should have equal say and opportunity.
I say it's BS to exclude people!

11-25-2018, 11:20 AM
I guess but if you don't race and have no plans to race.....................why on earth would you care what the rules for racing were? On that same line of thinking though. Fans of football get pissed over those rules and they don't play. FOOSBALL'S THE DEVIL BOBBY!

It's valid point sir.

Looking at the polls though, we gotta wonder if anybody gives a crap. 11 voters so far.

Ken Haines
11-26-2018, 08:55 AM
Many of us are members for both organizations, as well. Just food for thought.

Mike make's a good point about dual organization inclusion.
My vote was No just because of that very point.

I do however remember the private forum that
was used way back by Peterson and Newland
to make some positive headway on the
Length and I believe later the motor rules.
That did seem to work well although there
was also some turmoil there too.

Remember all the anger over the Length rules,
power limits etc......lol

Seems silly looking back now, but also gives
me great confidence that through these discussions that
FE will work thru the latest P-Ltd Motor rule changes.

11-26-2018, 01:43 PM
That was Lou's fast electric forum owned by Pete Steinke. From back in the Rumrunner days. FE was at a crossroads. LiPo was really and immediate. We had to figure it out and quick. We were running into poop stirrers that had no interest in working anything out. They just wanted to stir. Couldn't get anywhere. Lou's was a place to drown out the noise and hear from guys that were actually out there turning laps and testing the limits of reality vs guys that had theories, doom, and gloom. Without Lou's, FE (the racing side) might have died with the Nimh cell.

We've talked about the numbers multiple times. We have to cooperate with each other.

I'll say this too.......if either organization comes up with something that puts butts on the drivers stand............I'm a' do'n it. I don't care where it came from, who wrote it, or what book it's in. If guys are digging something ya gotta put down the ego and take notice.