View Full Version : IMPBA DXIII 2019 Race Schedule & Notes

Doug Smock
11-06-2018, 07:22 PM
“Speed Week 2019” Feb. 2nd-10th. Valdosta Ga. (Record Trial)
SOWEGA Grand Prix Feb. 23rd-24th. Sycamore Ga.
CMB Grand Prix Mar. 23rd-24th. Charleston SC.
Atlanta Spring Nationals April 27th-28th.
Southern Outboard Championships May 17th-19th. Sycamore Ga.
CMB Grand Prix June 8th-9th. Charleston SC.
Atlanta Grand Prix July 20th-21st
SOWEGA “Full Throttle” Sept. 13th-15th. Sycamore Ga.
CMB Fall Nationals Oct. 11th-13th. Charleston SC.
SOWEGA Grand Prix II Nov. 2nd–3rd. Sycamore Ga.

“Paying at the pond” is no longer an option for the GP Series. Payment must be made at the time of entry.

Q Mono is an official class and eligible for a jacket in the GP Series.

ANY 36.5mm X 56.5mm motor is legal in the P Limited classes in the GP Series.

Please make sure your IMPBA membership is current before you attend a D13 race.
If a NAMBA member, please have the Single Event Form filled out and ready to hand to the club official along with your membership card. The form can be found at www.IMPBA.net. The link is at the bottom of the page.
This is a big time saver for host clubs when it's time to check in.

Thank you for supporting IMPBA D13!!