View Full Version : Record Trial, Flint MI, Sept 29, 30th. Backup date Oct 6 & 7th.

Terry Keeley
08-28-2018, 03:18 PM
Great news! The dam is repaired and our Fall event is on! Only 4 weeks away! :biggrin:

All IMPBA classes for SAW and 1/3rd Oval, 8am-dark. Come and go any time, flat $25 to register, run as often as time permits.

We will cancel and go to the backup date by 6pm on Thursday, Sept 27th if the weather looks questionable. Check here for updates.

Map of Thread Lake, we're at the north end of Orville St., north of McKinley Park:

Knights Inn where we stay, around $45/nt:

Here's some pix from past events:

Come run the big water! :smile:

Shawn Swain and his 112+ mph record holding Q Cat:


Terry Keeley
09-17-2018, 10:25 AM
Less than two weeks! :smile:

Terry Keeley
09-22-2018, 09:39 AM
One week, weather permitting! :smile:

Terry Keeley
09-27-2018, 12:48 PM
Weather's looking really good for this weekend, cold front goes through tomorrow and the big high behind it stays until Sunday.

High 60 both days and very light breeze from the west (protected direction).

FAST member Mark Stein cannot make it this weekend so we won't have the portable driver's stand but we will have a 6' high section of scaffold instead. You will have to climb up unless someone brings a ladder.

See ya on the weekend! :buttrock:

09-27-2018, 01:41 PM
What time will you be out there Terry?

Terry Keeley
09-27-2018, 02:48 PM
We're usually there at 7am to set up, we run "officially" at 8 but if you're there ready to go we're often ready before that.

P Sport is 22.670 in case you didn't know...:tongue:

09-28-2018, 10:55 AM
Tyler ripped off a couple 10.67 laps Wed at our puddle. Subject to human error though. The laser don't lie so we'll see. I know Mike got a ton faster this summer too.

Terry Keeley
09-28-2018, 10:26 PM
Tyler ripped off a couple 10.67 laps Wed at our puddle. Subject to human error though. The laser don't lie so we'll see. I know Mike got a ton faster this summer too.


We worked our butts off today pulling some weeds that grew in the launch area when the water was down but got it cleared out enough to run. A huge thank you to Doug Murany for all his hard work also.

Looking like a good weekend, see ya'll in the am! :smile:

Terry Keeley
10-01-2018, 11:19 PM
Chatting with a few of our "senior" members (Jerry Betke, Doug Murany, John Beardslee) we discovered this was the 50th year of running model boats at Thread Lake, incredible amount of history at this site!

Here's some video and photos from the weekend, look for an article in the upcoming December "Roostertail".






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10-02-2018, 09:35 AM
Thanks for all the videos Terry!

Doug Smock
10-02-2018, 06:58 PM
Good to see Thread Lake full of water again!:thumbup1: