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Ken Haines
08-09-2018, 10:47 PM
Congrats to Team USA members
William “Buckshot” Shackelford and Doug Twaits
for bringing home medals from the IMBRA World Championships in France.
Way to represent !
(Copied this post from JJ Johnson on Facebook)

I spoke to Dougie today....he is still in France with the team and his daughter.
He sent me some additional pics from the event.

So happy for one of our FE guys racing in fuel events against the world.
He said the racing was rough, but he plans to go back again.
He also told me the US Team had some of the fastest boats there.
The other two team members were Alan Hobbs and Steve Ball (Mike Ball's Father)
Congrats to the whole team.......hope I did not miss anyone.

Here are all the results from the IMBRA website:

Huge congratulations go to all the Hydro and Offshore class winners and podium
placed racers at the 2nd IMBRA World Championship in Égletons, France:

Junior 3.5 Offshore – 1st Sander Lovdal Larson, 2nd Oscar Venheim, 3rd Luke Burgess

Senior 3.5 Offshore – 1st Kjell Gunnar Noddeland, 2nd Ian Folkson, 3rd Carsten Helmund

Junior 3.5 Hydro – 1st Lorenzo Della Noce, 2nd Rodion Garkush, 3rd Daniel Uskov

Senior 3.5 Hydro – 1st Martin Fields, 2nd Keith Burgess, 3rd Dominique Marzolf

Junior 7.5 Offshore – 1st Cecilia Sparr, 2nd Oscar Venheim, 3rd Even Venheim

Senior 7.5 Offshore – 1st Anders Minde Dorum, 2nd Nadin Preuss, 3rd Samuel Caillet

Senior 7.5 Hydro – 1st Erich Costa, 2nd Kjell Gunnar Noddeland, 3rd William Shakelford

Senior 15 Offshore – 1st Roger Sandaker, 2nd Stefan Waligora, 3rd Franco Yip

Senior 15 Hydro – 1st Mathias Hof, 2nd Roger Sandaker, 3rd Kjell Gunnar Noddeland

Senior 27 Offshore – 1st Erich Costa, 2nd Stefan Engel, 3rd Stefan Waligora

Senior 27 Hydro – 1st Ivano Della Noce, 2nd Erich Costa, 3rd Doug Twait

Senior 35 Offshore – 1st Ivan Stagnani, 2nd Ole-Bjorn Tjugen, 3rd Helge Haugen

08-10-2018, 01:07 AM
Good showing guys.


08-10-2018, 03:23 PM
awesome brother congrats!!!!!