View Full Version : And Doug's Censorship Stricks Again

08-04-2018, 10:47 PM
If you guys want me to stop... all you have to do is one of the two:

a.) Show us all in the rule book where these spec classes exist and are available for National Champion status.


b.) Show us all in the rule book where the BODs or host clubs of National Events have the authority to add classes to sanctioned National Event which don't exist in the rules.

After all... it's Mr. Doug Smock who once said "A 36" sail boat class with a maximum sail area of 1.75 square feet would be eligible for "National Championship" if approved by the BOD."

Otherwise... stop attempting to demonize me and shut me up and get your house in order.
Show us the rules... or
Stop breaking the rules... or
Write some rules to include the classes everyone wants.

And to be honest... I don't get why racers like Doby and Truckpull are getting mad at me. Get mad at your leadership. You all act like I'm trying to take something from you. I'm not... I want to give you something. I want these people to do their job and get some rules in the books so that we can all enjoy these classes and be awarded "National Champion" status legally. What good is an award or a title if its for something which does not exist in the rules. Sportsman follow the rules.

Steven Vaccaro
08-04-2018, 11:14 PM
If you would like something done about it, please stop complaining on the forum and contact the Impba directly. I consider this matter done on the forum. My head hurts. I'm sure your head hurts, and I'm sure no one else cares at this point. This horse is dead. And has been dead for a while.