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01-28-2018, 06:46 AM
Hey guys,

again this year there will be a German SAW event in Munich, September 28-30th.

Tyler G. Was there 2 years ago, maybe someone from the US wants to come this year?

The location is perfect, munich is beautiful and the Oktoberfest takes place at the same time ;)

Official invitation will follow.

Best regards

01-29-2018, 05:53 AM

01-29-2018, 06:51 AM
Hi Mark, I am from the UK not USA and it likely won't be this year as I don't think I can afford to travel to races at the moment, but I really want to go to a German SAWs some time soon. We do hold SAWs here, but there is not much of a SAWs culture, it is mainly oval race boats testing their speed and sometimes propping up a little. And the size of our lakes precludes really fast records, we have a new bigger one for this year, but still nothing like the facility you have in Munich.

When I saw you post about the pair of ABC props it made me wonder if you were I to SAWs as well as Naviga oval racing, it would be good to seethe serious SAWs racers in action, meet you again, and find out what people are using for 1S ESCs.

02-06-2018, 11:41 AM
Hi Mark,
I plan on returning in 2018 to Munich.
See you then.