View Full Version : Detroit Boat Races August 26-28 2016 Awesome Free Event!

08-22-2016, 10:26 AM
MMEU gang, come out and see some real hydroplanes race on the Detroit River this weekend. New non stop action racing program featuring 9 H1 Unlimited hydros going up to 200 MPH, 14 thundering supercharged Grand Prix hydroplanes, and more than 12 F2 outboard tunnel racers. The fans last year loved the new racing format, and this year should be even better!
Thanks to the UAW GM, there are some great free viewing areas available! Friday is free day in the premium Waterworks grandstands and pit areas. Free admission to the cold pits and grand stands. Testing and qualifying runs Friday from 1pm to 7pm. Come check out the boats and meet the racers. Saturday or Sunday check out Stockton Park. This is a great viewing are right past the start finish line and right next door to the Mayor's Mansion. Memorial Annex is another good spot to watch the races. Just down the street next to Kid Rocks house. Free admission, but there is a parking fee at Memorial Annex park, or Waterworks remote parking $15. Free shuttle included. At times free parking may be available on the street. Racing Saturday Noon to 5pm and Sunday 9:30am to 4:45pm. Gold Cup final heat is scheduled for 4:20pm Sunday. Bring chairs, blankets and a picnic and have a great day at the races on the cheap! No glass bottles allowed. Contact me with any questions. Event course map below. More info at detroitboatraces.com


Tails Up
08-22-2016, 05:15 PM
Sounds like a good time, I may try and make it. I have been to it many times before. Thanks for the reminder.

08-25-2016, 02:48 PM
Bob, hope to see you on free day tomorrow!