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02-29-2016, 02:33 PM
All I can say is WOW !! At the SCSTA annual meeting last December it was agreed upon that the D19 Nitro/FE events and the SCSTA Events would combine in 2016 to facilitate logistics and it resulted in full days of fabulous racing with the "warm and fuzzy" camaraderie our district is known for.

The FE classes run were : 1/10 Vintage, 1/10 Modern, P-Ltd OPC, PLSH & PLC. The SoCal FE crew, now one member down by the unfortunate departure Sunday morning of Stephen (Chiefy_44) back to England BUT now the club highly energized by the induction of our newest member, Rafael Lopez of Proboat. (Welcome, Bro :thumbup1:)

After a much needed practice Friday before the Sat/Sun event, Rafael and me both felt we had the setups dialed but as often the case may be, the first heat can show out some necessary changes. OK, and with Chuck and Ray from AZ with FASSSST rigs and Russ now driving FE the competition was TOUGH. With 9 entries in PLC there were two flights and similarly for PLSH. There were four heats for each class, BTW.

Hard to recall results until the fatigue clears, but first-time competitor Rafael did really well and actually took a first in one of the PLC heats with his Geico. Ray, Chuck and Russ were hard to beat but just being out on the course was great medicine after the between-the-seasons layoff.

Sporting two new lens implants I actually was able to see where I was going and managed to (almost) drive around the buoys except in one heat of PLC where I set the Outdoor-Olympic Bouy-Cutting Record:unsure: I did manage to complete ALL heats with NO DNF's (a major miracle:huh:) finishing with a total of seven thirds and one second in both classes combined.

One final note : After the last heat and the course was cleared, Rafael launched both the Proboat Twin Zelos and the Voracity for us to sample. I was BLOWN AWAY by these boats and that's all I'll say except for YIKES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some random pictures :

Mike (Shaugnessy), Brad, and Rafael
141224 141225

Looking towards the Driver's stand

A cheerfull Mr. Rayzerdesigns (900 or so mi. roundtrip notwithstanding)


Benny came all the way from Arizona to be a corner judge but failed the lane-violation-calling test due to an unfortunate but understandable speech impediment


leonard feeback
02-29-2016, 06:53 PM
Nice report, Tony!!!

03-01-2016, 11:19 AM
Looking fwd to next round already.. Will have new cat ready.. Will bring out the q to play with

03-08-2016, 12:19 PM
Hey.. Points up??