View Full Version : FE'ers in the DC Metro area Unite

10-14-2008, 12:39 AM
I'm a FE boater in Northern Virginia and am interested in getting into racing for fun and to learn more about the hobby. I was looking for a local club to hook up with and the only one I could find was the Capitol RC Model Boat Club which is a District 12 member of the International Model Power Boat Association. They practice/race in Centreville, VA in Fairfax County. So I do a little research on the web and noticed none of the club or district races include FE classes that are listed in the IMPBA rule book. So I shot a email at the Capital RC club asking if they had any FE's in their club. They responded they did not however they are very receptive to the idea and have no problem adding classes to their race schedule as long as we have at least three boats sign up for each class.

So, is there any interest out there in the DC Metro area and Northern VA for FE'ers to try and get together on occasion, run our boats, share our knowledge and maybe get into racing? If your interested, lets hear from you and let us know what classes you may be interested in. I currently have a Titan 33 I just finished buiding and are probably going to build a Mean Machine for my son over the winter.

11-16-2008, 01:05 PM
hey i currently live in lexingtion park md but my mom lives in falls church v.a thats not to far. Im interested in finding a club or group of people into RC Boats. let me know if you found anything

11-16-2008, 01:58 PM
Nice hearing from you. I joined the Capital RC Model Boat Club and met a few of the members. Me and my son are the only members that runs FE's at this point. If we can get three people to run the same class, they would run it in one of their races. You would have to join NAMBA or IMPBA to run. If your not interested in racing. I'd like to at least collect some names and emails of poeple that run FE's so we could maybe get together and run every once in a while. I have another person in Laural, MD that works in Northern, VA that would like to get together also.

Let me know what kind of boat you have and what your interests are. Thanks!

PS-Do you work over at NAS Pax River?