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09-10-2015, 07:14 PM
Exciting news, Read below.....

"Hello Everyone,

The NAMBA Propwash is available on the NAMBA web site(www.namba.com)The mailed issue will arrive to the members within the next couple of weeks. There are a lot of improvements that have been made recently. It would be a good idea for those districts who have web sites to post that there is the new Membership Portal now available complete with FAQ’s to answer your most often asked questions. Members will use the portal to renew memberships, register clubs, obtain site insurance, and get Single Event Insurance, and change / update their profile This is to make District Directors and Contest Directors jobs much easier.

We are moving in a direction where membership applications will not need to be accepted at races on race day during race registration with check or cash payment. The person requiring membership or model boating insurance can use their cell, tablet, lap top, etc, and be immediately insured paying through PayPal as a member or a guest.
No more race officials having to worry about mailing memberships to the NAMBA office and no more worries about members wondering why their applications are in transit to the NAMBA office. Everything will be real time. Just keep your receipt and email of the transaction until your card comes in the mail.

Voting is taking place for NAMBA President, Vice President and District Directors for the odd numbered districts. Members can vote securely online, e-mail, postal or Fax this year. It is recommended that voting securely online be used because as we progress through 2016 everything will move in that direction.

The pen and ink way of doing things is disappearing however if you ever need customer service for anything, that will never go away. We are just a phone call away.

If you have any questions contact Al Waters at namba@cox.net or our IT go to guy, Dave Santistevan at daves@concentricsinc.com

Thank you very much,"

Get online and vote. Only takes a minute or two and no stamps needed. To vote go to the membership portal at www.namba.com and sign in.