View Full Version : use led program card, what is plus and minus on the 120A esc? With pics

07-21-2015, 07:24 AM

I just recieve my dynamite led program card.
How do i know what is plus and minus on the esc when i connect it With the cord cable?

Im afraid to connect minus and plus wrong, i did that to a program card when i pluged in to get power from a lipo couple of years ago and it stop working offcourse..

The esc do not tell me who side is plus and minus.
Its the the stock esc for blackjack v3.

Here is a pics.

Thanks for any explaning so i could safely connect it.

Edit: I just tried to take the esc signal cable an plug directly in to the led card but the esc just beeps and the led card only shows - -
This is the way i used the older programcard from proboats on the v2 esc, but this would not work when i connect it like this.


07-22-2015, 03:20 PM
You could delete the thread, i plug in the cord cable the same way like they are plugged into the reciever and the program card and it works great.
The program setup was the way i thought it was since i program it with the remote first like the hobbywing seaking manual.
But it is a cheap fine unit to have :-)