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Doug Smock
09-30-2008, 07:26 PM
Results as posted on RR by the event CD Chris Harris. This was a GREAT event, you guys have to make it out one of these days.

Hey guys,
It was a great event! I'm really impressed by everyone's hard work pushing the limits. It was awesome! I would like to give a BIG thanks to Doug, Casey
and John (Rc1 Racing) for their hard work helping make it happen and giving me a chance to run a little myself. I could not have done it with out them. I would also like to thank Don Wollard for providing lunch on Fri. and giving the proceeds to the cause.

I think I saw more guys helping each other at this event more than any Valdosta SAWS I can remember. It was great to see. The records are really getting up there now and it's getting harder to to break them. There was a lot of guys who had really great efforts with passes well over the record but just couldn't get that all important backup pass but their effort was evident.

There were also some very competitive classes. N-2 mono and O-1 Sport Hydro I think were the most. I think there were at least four N-2 monos going for it. In O-1 Sport Hydro Bill Tripp and Bill Oxidean traded the record back and forth. When Bill Tripp left on Sunday he had it up there pretty good but Bill Oxidean who had some the fastest passes of the weekend but the lights kept missing his tee-niny little boat was finally able to put two together and get the record.

IMPBA also got it's second FE 100mph club member, Ken Haines. He and Mike Martin worked really hard on their rigger and after some struggles they have it really going now. Mike ran the boat later in S-Hydro and became a 90 mph club member. Congradulations to you both.

It was also great to meet Eddie Hansen and Jim Williams. Eddie came and ran
one of his 1/8 scales. It was really cool to see that big beautiful boat running.
IMPBA doesn't have a legal 1/8 scale class for electric yet but I thought it was important to mention that Eddie's boat does fit all the rules for IMPBA nitro 1/8's (i.e.) detail and drive placement etc. I posted his speeds below.

Last but not least I would like to welcome Doug Smock to the 80mph mono club! That's a really short list. Incredible!.

So here's the results.

Ken Haines T-Hydro 2.158 secs. 104.263mph Fast Pass 104.944mph

Mike Martin T- Tunnel 2.871 secs. 78.369 mph Fast Pass 79.561mph

Mike Martin S-Hydro 2.465 secs. 91.277 mph Fast Pass 91.986mph

Bill Oxidean O-1 Mono 6.069 secs. 37.074mph Fast Pass 37.512mph

Bill Oxidean O-1 Sport Hydro 4.579 secs. 49.137mph Fast Pass 49.407mph

Ray Rankl Q-Sport Hydro 3.162 secs. 71.157mph Fast Pass 72.721mph

Doug Smock S-Mono 2.987 secs. 75.326mph Fast Pass 88.478mph

Rick Workman N-2 Mono 3.269 secs. 68.828mph Fast Pass 69.573mph

Chris Harris P-Hydro 2.027 secs. 111.001 Fast Pass 111.662mph

Honorable Mention
Eddie Hansen 1/8 Scale 3.553 secs. 63.326mph Fast Pass 64.580mph

Hammerhead H2o Racing

IMPBA P-Hydro Record Holder 110.674mph


09-30-2008, 09:25 PM
Congratulations to all the participants - not just the winners. It isn't always the fastest boat that takes the record, sometimes it's driving, sometimes it's the water conditions, sometimes it's luck. As long as everyone had fun it's a success!

I didn't think that 100 mph was attainable on that lake - but then I said that before anyone used brakes or LiPos... :noidea:


Steven Vaccaro
10-01-2008, 07:39 AM
Great job Doug. Thanks for posting the results.

I have a saw boat question. Are you guys strengthening the hulls more than you would with an oval boat? Or trying to run as light as possible?

10-01-2008, 07:50 AM
For our monos we do them just as we would a oval boat. We cut foam-to-fit in the bow of the Boat. So its fitted top to bottom. Then we gorrilla glue it in. It takes out virtually all of the flex of the deck. Dads Seaducers are pretty tough i dont think he lays any additional cloth in them, but as i do in oval i also reinforce the back 6-10inches of the boat with CF or FG and somtimes add rails if the hull does not include them.

Doug Smock
10-01-2008, 08:41 AM
Jay, you're right. You would have been proud of all of these guys. Everyone worked hard on their own boats, as well as helping out others. This was a SAWs to remember. We miss you HOTMBC members, I hope you guys make the trip again soon.

Steven, as Casey said, filling the bow with cut and shaped foam from the deck to the keel is key I think in keeping these monos together. My 33 and 38" boats have carbon in the layups.
I'm going to retire "RINGER" from SAWs. She had a broken back and strakes when I bought her from Ron. I repaired her bottom and gave her the foam treatment before I ran her at the spring SAWs. I hope somebody shot some video of her 88mph pass, she was screaming ( 747 ish)and rock solid.
Unfortunatly she blew off trying to back it up and flew higher and farther than I have ever seen a mono go. She hit HARD, several times and peeled up the aft section of the right side of the deck.:huh: All the other equipment survived.:w00t:

I'll get her repaired and heat race her, she has been a great boat and held numerous records.

The bottom line is IMO, with todays power, light layups are a thing of the past.
A 100mph mono is just around the corner.:rockon2: I hope I'm there to see it. Or better yet, well nevermind. LOL

PS Thanks RC1 Racing for the pic.