View Full Version : Miss geico 29 v2 vs blackjack 29 v3, looks like the miss geico is faster on 6s?

07-12-2015, 11:07 AM

Last year i run with a stock miss geico 29 with upgraded esc and use it with 6s lipo. It realy have torque and the motor screame after i watched some videoes it looks like the geico was faster them my new blackjack, the blackjack is more stabile.

I used the same prop adjustment on both. And stock props.

Since the wire get so hot on the blackjack v3 i just use 5s after some 6s tryout.

The new 2000kv 3660 motor give 37000rpm on 5s, and a v2 geico with 1500kv 3630 give around 33000rpm, the smaller geico is mutch faster on 6s vs the 2000kv on 5s, motor is bigger and have more rpm, but it is not faster.
After looking at older videos its looks like the older geico is also faster than bj on 6s, even it give 44000rpm!
It does not hear like it give 44000rpm, the impulse v2 and geico screams a lot higher and i think the speed was a bit faster on the old boats.
Anyone that have the same experience?

Here is the geico motor, listed at 3650 but on top 3630 http://www.proboatmodels.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=DYNM3835

I maby want to order the small geico motor to my blackjack for 6s use.
I guess the motor would be big enough since the geico is the same size.

What would be the difference between 3630 and 3660?
I think the shorter motor is faster and draw less amp.. The most normal thing is that the longer motor is faster?
I want a geico v2 motor to use 6s and get the same weight of the batteries. I remember the v2 geico was faster and it realy had torque.

Must be the motors or maby the new hull need a lot more power to give the same result?

Darin Jordan
07-12-2015, 12:31 PM
That wouldn't surprise me. The lower kv 1500 has more torque.

You would have to prop each correctly to do a true test, however.