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06-24-2015, 01:20 PM
Going to be using the rcboatcompany rear wings and need some suggestions, should I make them so they are breakaway on case of a flip and how should I go about this thanks in advance for any and all suggestions

06-24-2015, 06:31 PM
I make my vertical brackets out of either carbon fiber or aluminum sheet with the ability to thread for 6-32 nylon bolts. The bolts will shear in a blow-over situation and generally cause little if any damage to the wings. I also use nylon bolts for the wing support rods and to bolt the horizontal to the verticals.


06-26-2015, 12:51 AM
Here is how I am making the brackets for the verticals on the Lobster. I used .040" aluminum sheet, determined the length to be about 3 1/2", will give me bolt holes about 2 3/4-3" apart. The Lobster is kind of a PITA as there is not much room to tape the rear hatch as it is, but the wings have to go there. Knowing there is a 1/4" stringer in there with 1/16" ply on the outside, I measured in 5/16" and marked it. Clamped a straightedge along the line and slowly cut through with a Zona saw the length of the slot. This places the outside of the bracket against the stringer. I used a jeweler's flat file to open the slot just wide enough for the bracket, which was already bent 90 degrees at the bottom. Once I could install the bracket to fit, I marked the deck contour and bent the angle into the exposed part so set the wing angle. I opened up a few lightening holes and smaller holes to help epoxy it, will add a few to the very bottom as well. Once it is all in, I will add a short piece of 1/4" strip under the lip to add more support at the top. I'll make up some 1/16" ply squares to use for bolt mounts with 6-32 t-nuts and will only have bolt heads on the inside. When it blows over, the nylon bolts should shear and limit damage to the wings. All theory of course...........:blink: