View Full Version : have i ruined my bj29??

06-23-2015, 08:12 PM
i havent had the boat in the water yet but just finished reinforcing the hull after i cracked a sponson after a blow over.

i cut 2 strips of glass mesh about 10 inches long per side and applied.... i put resin down added a strip.. lay flat added the other and used my finger and a brush to mesh it together . and a sma;; bit chopped up in resin up in the tips on the inside of the sponsonsand tried to make it as even as i could. the boat feels too heavy now.... BUT balanced even when floating.

Any advice? i just ordered a seaking 180 esc so maybe have to run 6s now??.. i have a 42x55 prop and a x642 prop.

just hope i havent ruined this hull....