View Full Version : NAMBA D19 adds New FE Racing Classes

06-21-2015, 02:17 PM
FE has recently been given a most welcome shot in the arm by some of the IC Clubs here in NAMBA District 19.

The first FE classes to begin to show up at the previously all IC events a few years ago were P-Sport Hydro, P-Mono, and P-Ltd Sport Hydro. P-Sport Hydro was dropped after one season (after three rounds of humongo Thunderboats + rescue boat rollers the 65ish mph P-Sports barely finished). PLSH & P-Mono continue to be available classes in the yearly D-19 points chase.

Then two years ago the SCSTA added P-Ltd Cat, 1/10 scale modern & 1/10 scale vintage & 1/8 scale to their Legg Lake yearly series mix. Now, SCSTA has decided to add P-Ltd Mono to these events.

Additionally, Al Waters and Mark Grim decided to revive Nitro racing and invited us FE'ers to join in by offering P-Mono, P-Ltd Sport Hydro, P-Ltd Hydro, & P-Ltd Tunnel. By both the Nitro and SCSTA allowing heats to qualify with a three-boat sign-up minimum these classes are starting to qualify (and some benches are getting busy getting rigs ready for this class expansion).

While it may not become immediately evident how this upswing affects all of FE, there's always a filtering down of lessons learned in racing that advances the entire hobby.

Call us lucky. We have the most accommodating venue and the friendliest IC racers to do our weekend battles with.

Now to to get building :sneaky2:

Tony H.
Pres. SoCal FE RC Raceboat Club

10-28-2015, 11:45 AM
now if we could just get some of the fe guys to travel to our district races..