View Full Version : Open water April the one'st

03-31-2015, 11:05 AM
Tomorrow will be our first official day of practice at the Shelby pond. The gates should be open around 5 or so. Be sure to have your NAMBA membership card on hand just in case.

There will be no course tomorrow. We'll still play boats and such just no real laps yet.

We will be assessing the status of what is below the surface tomorrow. In previous years our sub buoy have fared pretty well so we're optimistic that the course wont be terribly difficult to bring up to par. Our intent, weather permitting of course, is to get the course placed Saturday morning before practice. Figure a 9:00 gate on Saturday for those interested.

A reminder for Saturdays. The local fuel club Great Lakes Model Boat Club also has permit from Shelby Township to run on Saturdays. There will be an overlap time wise between their group and ours. We don't foresee any issues but we will absolutely be cooperating with them on Saturdays. Should be very cool with them and us there together. Each seeing how the other half lives on the regular.