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Doug Smock
09-09-2008, 06:57 PM
Two days of great racing and pretty good weather.
Yep, Casey and I got spanked by a long time gas racer in LSH !! And we all had a blast.
Lamar Huff, another long time gas racer, took a 3rd in P mono.

You will also see that the electric guys didn't fair too bad in a couple of the gas classes.:banana:

The attached pic is Edward H., the proud winner of the Delta Force 33 the Steven and OSE provided us for the raffle. Another Fast Electric racer is born!!!:rockon2:

Thanks Steven!!!!:tiphat:

*** Partial GA Championship Results ***

Gas Mono
1) Lamar Huff (perfect score)
2) Norman Morton
3) Robby Vaughn (water baby! 1st race, 1st trophy)

Gas Cat
1) Matt Gunn
2) Lamar Huff
3) Doug Smock

Open Rigger
1) Lamar Huff
2) Peter Bohdan
3) Walt Barney

1) Matt Gunn
2) Lamar Huff
3) Kathy HUff

Open Offshore
1) Matt Gunn
2) Don Huff
3) Peter Bohdan

Gas Sport Hydro
1) Casey Smock
2) Matt Gunn
3) Pat MUlvany

Open Mono
1) Lamar Huff
2) John Porter
3) Don Kilgore

Open Tunnel
1) ?
2) ?
3) ?

E/F Tunnel
1) ?
2) ?

20 Mono
1) John Porter
2) Walt Barney

FE P-Mono
1) Doug Smock
2) Casey Smock
3) Lamar Huff

FE Limited Sport Hydro
1) Norman Morton (Mr. BADDGASS himself)
2) Doug Smock
3) Casey Smock

*** Winner of the 3rd annual Crackerbox Royal Rumble: LAMAR HUFF

*** Winner of the 4th annual Gas Mono v/s F-Mono Title Fight: JOHN PORTER (CMB powered Seaducer)

*** Winner of the Fast Electric P-Mono v/s Nitro B-Mono Fight to the Death: CASEY SMOCK (Electric)

This race was a hoot!!!:banana:
Thanks to all that attended!


09-09-2008, 07:01 PM
fun fun weekend!!!!!

Couldnt kep my LSH on the water.... Thats my clas too!!

Its okay... th Grand Prix Series is mine!! 2 perfect scores and 1st place in the 3/4 weve ran so far that jacket is mine!!