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10-31-2014, 08:59 AM
The district and club officers are just about wrapped up with a meeting via email to discuss class changes for the district in 2015. We appologize for not having an open forum for all our district members but all the club officers wanted to get any changes done before the holidays so racers can adjust to any class changes during the winter build season. All votes were decided by at least a 80% majority.

We reviewed all the Nitro and FE combined classes individually and decided if any changes needed to be made. Though not optimal, most everyone is happy with the way the combined classes are going. We talked about the how the combined classes are working and what the impact would be if we split them up. Most agree at this point splitting up the P-Limited classes will have a negative impact on some of our nitro racers as the number of nitro boats has thinned out. We also talked about changes to the P-Limited classes themselves. Whether we should go to full P power or look at changing motor choices. We decided that there hasn't been a noticeable increase of the failure rates of the current group of approved motors so for now we will keep the current list as is. Though we acknowledge that eventually changes will have to be made. We also decided not to go full P power because even though in most classes a good running nitro boat is faster than a P-Limited, the FE's still have other advantages that even the playing field.

That being said, some members of the Baltimore club have an interest in starting a P Hydro class in the district and invite anyone interested to get a boat ready for next year. This class would allow any Hydro (Rigger, Sport Hydro,Cat and Tunnel) to run on 4S Power with no mAh Limit and any Motor/ESC combination.

Here are the class changes for 2015...

There will be no changes to the Sport 40/Q Sport Hydro, B/P Mono or any of the B/P-Limited classes.

Nitro/FE 1/8th Scale will be split into separate classes. If one class does not have enough entries, it will not run.

Open Cat will be restricted to Nitro and FE boats only. Gas Cats will no longer be allowed in the class.

D12 Stock Gas will be restricted to Monos and Cats only. Sport Hydro's are no longer allowed in the class.

Open Tunnel has been removed from the District Class list due to lack of participation.

That's about if for now folks. We're still discussing a few items but were done talking about any class changes for next season.

11-06-2014, 12:26 AM
Here is what we have so far for the D12 and National races frequented by our members.

2015 District 12 Races

April 24-26, District Race #1, Boonsboro MD
Hosted by the Model Boaters of Baltimore

May 15-17, District Race #2, Queenstown, MD
Hosted by the Delmarva Model Boat Club

June 13-15, District Race #3, Centreville, VA
Hosted by the Capitol RC Model Boat Club

August 28-30, District Race #4, Smithfield, VA
Hosted by the Old Dominion Model Boat Association

September 18-20, District Race #5, Cascade, MD
Hosted by the Model Boaters of Baltimore

National Races

April 17-19, IMPBA Spring National, Atlanta, GA
Hosted by the Atlanta Model Boaters

May 1-3, Outboard Tunnel Masters, Charelston, SC
Hosted by the Charleston Model Boaters

June 24-27 IMPBA Nitro Nationals, Charleston, SC
Hosted by the Charleston Model Boates

??? The Gas Clash, Smithfield, VA
Hosted by the Old Dominion Model Boat Association

October 7-11, IMPBA Fall Nationals, Charleston, SC
Hosted by the Charleston Model Boaters