View Full Version : Huntsville October3rd - 5th Records Trial and November 29th & 30th !

08-25-2014, 05:40 PM
Huntsville, AL Records (UNOFFICIAL)
29-30 Nov 2014

Nick Hartdegen Thunder Boat 1/4 Oval 24.414Sec 36.864MPH
Scott Liddycoat Thunder Boat 1/3 Oval 26.750Sec 49.859MPH
Rick Grim Gas Scale 1/16 3.374Sec 75.577MPH
Rick Grim Gas Scale 1/3 Oval 26.827Sec 44.731MPH
Rick Grim Gas Scale 1/4 Oval 26.307Sec 34.211MPH
Rick Grim Jersey Skiff 1/16 4.926Sec 51.766MPH
Mark Grim Jersey Skiff 1/4 Oval 26.011Sec 34.600MPH
Mark Grim Jersey Skiff 1/3 Oval 32.097Sec 37.386MPH
Mark Grim Gas Rigger 1/16 2.095Sec 107.398MPH
Here is a link to a video of Mark Grim's run it was dark so you have to watch for th eroostertail and sound. One way run over 111mph !
See attachments for the flyers and information.

$25 flat fee for as many runs as time permits.

Huntsville is pretty centrally located 2 hr drive time from Nashville,TN (BNA) 2 hour drive time from Birmingham, AL (BHM) and 4 hours from Atlanta, GA (ATL) and 4 hour drive from Memphis, TN (MEM) or fly straight into Huntsville International Airport (HSV) and then you only have a few minutes drive. Hotels range from $50 up to whatever you want to $pend. Huntsville area remains the fastest-growing large city in Alabama. The 2013 population estimate -- 187,413 - is up 4.1 percent from the 2010 Census. It is considered the "Silicon Valley of the South" It has more "Rocket Scientists and engineers per capita than many larger cities".


11-24-2014, 06:56 PM
Looking forward to our records trial this coming weekend, that 's right it's Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.

We will be running under the Witching hour rules listed below. Sunset is at 4:45 pm so Witching hour starts about 3:45pm.

Witching Hour Rules

Witching Hour Rules will apply, 1 hour prior to sunset. A short list consisting only of drivers whose boats have been within 5 percent of the record during the event or if they currently hold that record will be allowed to run on the short list. Those on the short list will have the water until sunset. If no one on the short list elects to run at any time after witching hour begins open running will become effective using the daily list until such time that someone on the short list elects to run. At that time only people on the short list are eligible to run until such time that those participants are not running again. This can happen as often as the short list participants pass their turn. No one on the short list can give up their spot.

Doug Smock
11-24-2014, 09:04 PM
Give all the racers my best Bill, wish I could be there.

I'll be looking for a big pile of paperwork to wrap up the year!

Good luck!

11-25-2014, 01:32 PM
Good Luck Guys.


11-25-2014, 04:46 PM
Darn, without the ol' ski ramp I wish I was there. :wink:

Flat water and good luck to all!