View Full Version : 2014 mini shootout race results

08-18-2014, 05:47 PM
And the results are !!!!!!!
Powder Puff Bracket Race - Donna Leas
Bracket Race - Mike Faulconer
Gas Cat 62mph - Steven Langley
Electric Offshore 88mph - Keith Bradley Kirchen
Gas Unlimited 76mph - Roger Leas
Electric Cat 64mph - Keith Bradley Kirchen
Electric Hydro Rigger 63mph - Aaron Faulconer
Electric Vee 49mph - Jeff Jablonski
Gas Unlimited Vee 55mph - Lance Hedrick
Electric Unlimited Cat 86mph - Lance Hedrick
Gas Hydro Offshore 55mph - Randy Wild
Gas Hydro Rigger 74mph - Robert Leas
Gas Vee 56mph - Larry Benson
2014 top gun @ 99 mph
Marine One
Lance Hedrick - owner
Aaron Faulconer - driver