View Full Version : how much power could the stock flex axle hold up before it break? Will if fall out?

06-10-2014, 11:51 AM
Hello, Another question and a thread about this pro boat miss geico 29.

I have order a couple of 3s pack so i could run it on 6s with the dynamite 80A esc.
Have run it maby 15 runs with it on 5s without issues, i wonder if i would get issues on 6s with the 1500kv motor? Would the stock flex axle be enough if i example run it on 50% speed before i give full trottle and take care with it?

Im going to vacation and its no way to receive or order spare parts, so i want the boat to last without break something on the trip :)

If the flex break, would it go to the ground with the prop or will it stick to the boat?

I always lubricate it with marine grease on each run, but i don't know how the 6s power will be for the flex shaft :)

Realy excited how fast it would be vs the impulse 31 with the 1800kv motor.