View Full Version : 2014 psfembc season

03-27-2014, 04:34 PM
Here is the full schedule at our website..http://psfastelectrics5.com/2012_boat_racing_schedule.htm

First race is this Saturday March 29, in granite falls, Washington drivers meeting at 8:30 am. Im going to attempt results and pictures here throughout the season. Look us up on Facebook! psfembc@gmail.com or email Jim Bickford @ bickford44@earthlink.net


p-limited sport hydro

p-limited cat

p-limited hydro (rigger)

p-limited sv-27

p-limited OPC tunnel

p-limited mono

1/10 scale hydro vintage

1/10 scale hydro modern

p-limited offshore

weather looks like its going to be wet......:ohmy:

03-30-2014, 10:06 PM
update on Saturdays racing.

p limited sport hydro

1st place mike kizak jr insane FE 30
2nd ken insane FE 30
3rd scott bickford insane FE 30

p-limited cat

1st place mike jr PB blackjack 29
2nd greg schweers mean machine
3rd bill whitlock mean machine

p-limited rigger

1st place jim s jae 21
2nd theron w jae 21
3rd bill w. raptor (buaas)

sv 27

1st place scott b.
2nd jim b.
3rd nick (rookie)

p-limited opc tunnel

1st place scott b. vs-1
2nd theron w lynx
3rd bill w. lynx

p-limited mono

1st place gary revolt 30 (rookie)
2nd scott b. revolt 30
3rd steve revolt 30

1/10 vintage

1st place tony miss bardahl
2nd scott b. hurricane
3rd jim s. miss hallmark homes

1/10 modern

1stplace greg schweers team velocity
2nd theron w miss dewalt
3rd jim s. miss t-plus

p-limited offshore

1st place mike jr revolt 30
2nd gary (rookie) revolt 30
3rd dan revolt 30

great day of racing, lots of rain, and lots of carnage but not to bad for the first race of the year. thanksmike kizak jr and senior for the hot lunch on a cold wet day

next race is april 12 in granite falls