View Full Version : Jeff Robinson aka JRPLANE is a fraudulent seller!

don ferrette
01-22-2014, 10:49 PM
Purchased a supposedly new never used Castle 200HV-
Attached are the pics of the trashed POS that he sent to my fellow boater Mike Luszcz on my behalf. First pic is pulled directly from his ad, remaining pics show what we received, pay close attention to the negative battery lead in pic #2, it matches his pic to prove they are the same. With the simple removal of 4 screws it shows the pile of junk he sent and now refuses to refund my payment because we "opened" it. This is a warning to all OSE members to be aware of the type of seller he is, the admins have also been advised.

01-23-2014, 12:19 AM
You disassembled the ESC, I sent you the ESC in the first pic in good faith. If there was a concern you should have contacted me for a refund, but you took it apart and sent me pics.

Take your flat screen apart and try to take it back! You attacked me in the thread you never PM'ed me of a problem, you chose to slam me publicly first, this really shows character. Like I said if you wanted a refund you should not have took it apart.

I stand by my ad it was new and unused.

I have over 3000 good feedback with 0 bad, I must be doing something right.

This is what I sent
http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n287/jrplane/0108142244_zpsf1580473.jpg (http://s115.photobucket.com/user/jrplane/media/0108142244_zpsf1580473.jpg.html)

01-23-2014, 09:02 AM

Let me intervene here a moment. This is Mike Luszcz who received the ESC from you.

Here are some facts:

1) The picture you just posted here, shows very clear that the negative wire on the battery side has been cut and the jacket trimmed well beyond factory. A factory new NEVER used ESC, which is what you sold this as, has a bead of silver solder at each end, and the jacket is only trimmed around 1/4".

2) Next I noticed one of the battery side leads and the red battery side leads had been cut, and the jackets re-trimmed in a failed attempt at a cover up..on what was suppose to be a factory new ESC.

3) Upon further review, one of the 4 Phillips head screws that hold the green plastic trays together, had a broken tab, with a glob of what looked like CA in a failed attempt to cover up the fact that you took the ESC apart yourself, long before I ever touched the thing.

4) Next I noticed the black motor wire would move in and out slightly. Which anyone that owns a Castle Ice ESC knows that those wires should be fixed in place, and not able to move back and forth.

5) When I noticed these things going on, I proceeded to remove that cover, only to find the ESC aluminum heat sink open up with minimal effort, revealing that someone had very much opened the ESC well before me. I found 4 of the FET metal heat transfer tabs had been so overheated by you trying to re-solder the Black wire motor tab, that it overheated the board, and caused the heat transfer tabs to come unsolder-ed from the ESC. You thought if you could apply enough heat that the bottom side of the tab would rebond itself to the board...Doesn't work way. All you did was continue to pour on the heat, with an acid rosin soldier, that in turn, did nothing but cause premature corrosion on the back side of the tab, not allowing it to re-bond properly. You knew what you were trying to do, you just did such a bad job at it, the controller was destine to fail if not immediately, soon after.

6) Finally, the icing on a very stupid cake. You were so sloppy, you chose what looks like Black RTV sealant, or some sort of black silicone to rebond the board to the aluminum heat sinks. So now, I have evidence showing the original black heat transfer adhesive, which is a real dull black/ grey color, is covered with globs of this foreign black shiny silicon.

So, my final word to you, is your being an jerk, and it pisses me off when people like you try to use something else to side track the truth. Be a man, pay Don his money back, and I will be glad to reassemble this box of crap and mail it back to you. Don't sit here and try to brush it under the rug because I opened the ESC case...YOU SIR VOIDED YOUR OWN WARRANTY TO SEND IT BACK TO CASTLE WHEN YOU DID THAT BEFORE THE CONTROLLER EVER ARRIVED TO ME. IF YOU SAY YOU HAVE THE POSITIVE HISTORY OF ZERO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, THEN PROVE TO ME AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT WHEN SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS YOU MAN UP, REFUND THE MAN, AND EARN YOUR 3001 GOOD FEEDBACK POINTS. YOUR FEEDBACK IS ONLY GOOD IF YOU MAKE THINGS RIGHT WHEN THEY GO WRONG.

Oh, and don't ship stuff to my home address requiring a signature. Me having to drive 20 minutes to the post office on my lunch break to pick up this pile of junk PISSED ME THE HELL off...especially when I found what I found.

Mike Luszcz

Doug Smock
01-23-2014, 09:20 AM
Locking this down before it goes any further south. Hope this gets resolved.............................