View Full Version : Ty wants a car

01-09-2014, 05:36 PM
Thought you guys would get a chuckle out of this.

For his first car he wants a mini van so he can rip out the seats and install boat racks.

01-09-2014, 06:14 PM
Tell him to put in a mattress instead. boats are such chick magnets.

01-10-2014, 02:08 PM
Poor kid. He doesn't have a chance. Hangin out with his nutsy old man too much. :laugh:

01-10-2014, 02:51 PM
It frightens me how skewed his priorities are.

ray schrauwen
01-11-2014, 12:08 AM
I'd say he's got a great start on Priorities :biggrin: Maybe he saw the trailer Ken Haines had and it just blew his mind?

01-11-2014, 12:43 AM
He's a good kid but he still drivese to the edge madness.

Ray, we've walked multiple trailer lots. Keep talking myself out of it.

01-11-2014, 08:52 AM
He's a good kid but he still drives to the edge madness.

LOL... I really enjoy entertaining that kid! But man, I am glad he goes home with you! I wish I could bottle that energy. :thumbup: