View Full Version : New member here with Black Jack 29 question

08-27-2013, 11:47 PM
Hi folks my name is Mike. Last week I purchased an Impulse 31 (V2) and two Gens Ace 3 cell 5000Mah 40c batteries. I have read all about running this boat on 6 cell using the stock set up and will be changing things out. I asked Steve for his recommendation on a motor and esc and he was kind enough to recommend a Leopard 4070 1650kv along with a Seaking 180 amp esc. Well two days ago I purchased a Black Jack 29 to keep the Impulse31 company during those long Alberta winters we have out here. Question is will that same motor fit in the B.J 29 without any mods, also will I need to change out the motor mount since this is a larger dia motor. I guess going with a new motor and esc one should change out the stock flex shaft with a more heavy duty one and prop as well. Basically I like 6 cell power, I run 6 cell in two of my rc trucks and fell in love with the power it provides. I want a reliable fast system in both of my boats at a reasonable cost. I will find a use for the stock motors and esc's that will be replaced. I had 4 rc boats about 30 years ago and all I can say is "wow have things changed" since then, and for the better as well. On a side note I quit smoking after 35 years of the habit and these two boats were the equivalent of buying 3 months worth of cigarettes, im going on three months smoke free so the boats were almost free for me.
I put up some photos in the photo section of my old water craft.