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Andy Greene
08-27-2013, 09:07 PM
Wanted to make sure you guys over here where included -
Come on down to West Central Fl in late October and join us for some of the best tunnel racing shy of the WTC -
Cept we run Tri-Oval :cool2:

Here is the link to the online entry to the 2nd Annual " Herb Stewart Challenge" -

This is an Outboard Tunnel race only- Gas/Nitro/F-E
We run on a modified Tri-Oval style course that has proven to be VERY competitive and challenging- yet fun for all levels of
racers. I have yet to see someone walk off the stand without a smile on their face in the time we have run this format since Mic introduced
it several years ago at Brandon. The format allows you to run a single class for an individual award - or run 2 classes (picked at sign in) for the shot at the Over All Champion and a year with a VERY nice traveling trophy. :thumbup1:
We will also run 2 lap timed Tri-Oval attempts in the AM on Sat prior to heat racing, that will also include an individual award for the fastest 2 lap run . Heat racing will feature 5 rounds - 2/3 rounds Sat and the remaining rounds Sunday weather pending, with plenty of time to get the travelers on the road. We had people from 3 states last year and they hit the road -awards in hand by 3:30 .
For those that have never run a tunnel @ Brandon- this is THE pond in the S/E -

Any questions can be asked here or by PM -


Andy Greene
10-02-2013, 08:09 PM
Okay guys and Gals, just a heads up. So far there are a few very heavy hitters running -
Several US-1's
Several Green Jackets
Multiple WTC Class Winners
and of course Mr.Culhane who is reluctantly gonna have to give up that sweet traveling trophy- Or will he ????
AND we have added a individual trophy for fastest 2 lap timed oval on Sat

Got plenty of room in the F/E classes and you guys are welcome with open arms. This is a really fun and laid back event and we hope some of you can attend. Look forward to meeting some new faces.