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05-13-2013, 11:32 PM
dkramer@wcoil.com[/email] garry.geiselman@gmail.com
150 boat limit/may be combined to make a class
Open water Friday May 31st - 1PM - 5:30PM
ENTRY FEES: $20.00 1st Boat - $15.00 2nd Boat - $10.00 3rd Boat and on - Family Plan Available
America’s Best Value Inn America’s Best Value Inn Holiday Inn Country Hearth Inn
1421 SR RT 703 1321 ST MARYS RD 2020 HOLIDAY DR 1410 COMMERCE DR
CELINA, OH 45822 ST MARYS, OH 45885 CELINA, OH 45822 ST MARYS, OH 45885
419-586-4656 419-394-2341 419-586-4919 800-434-5800
Mail Early To: Garry Geiselman - 4814 Ottawa Dr Fort Wayne IN 46835 (260) 437-0143
Total Due:_______________
P Limited FE Rules:
Any Mono Hull under 34”
Any Sport Hydro under 34”
Any Tunnel Hull
Any speedcontrol
Motors: SV 27,Blackjack,UL-1
14.8v (4S) 6lap heats
RTR Rules:
District 14 rules apply
5 Lap Heats
Half course mill will be allowed
after completing one full lap.
You may cut the course from buoy
6 to buoy 1 front stretch to the
back stretch only.
You must yeild right of way to any
boat that has the chute.
You may NOT cut into the course
in the last 5 seconds of clock
For complete rules please see:
B Tunnel
B Mono
B Hydro
Sport 20 Hydro
Sport 20 Tunnel
D Mono
D Hydro
Sport 40
1/8 Scale
LSG 27 Cat
LSG 27 Mono
LSG 27 Spt Hydro
Cracker Box/Jersey Skiff
Gas Scale
Open Rigger
Open Tunnel
P Ltd Tunnel
P Hydro
P Mono
Ltd Sport
Class Freq Alt Freq Boat Color Fee
Entry Deadline: May 26, 2013
Payment must be received by this date (no refunds after this date)
Paypal available to pay for entries, must be sent as “gift” to
dkramer@wcoil.com entry form sent to the address below.
4 Rounds time permitting
21 Classes Available to compete
5 Boats to make a class
Max 3 boats + 1 Scale per Contestant
Awards to 3rd Place
I.M.P.B.A. 2013 Mebership Card must be shown!
NO CARD - (Pay at race site OR NO RACE)
Series Racing Points - District Rules Apply
Dist 2/14 - 1/8 Scale, 20 Spt Tunnel, Spt 40, Spt 20, RTR,
Jersey Skiff
Dist 2 - Gas Cracker, Mono
92db Noise Level EnforcedRadio impound for non 2.4 radios manditory